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Top insights to help build a positive culture at work.

For this leadership Thoughtexchange, we hosted an online process in partnership with Deborah Connors, founder of The Better Workplace Conference and a pioneer in organizational health and workplace culture. In this conversation over 150 Researchers, Senior Leaders and Organizational Development professionals discussed factors that characterize and improve culture as well as barriers to achieving a positive workplace culture.

Whether you lead hundreds or a handful, these results offer insights and clear actions to build a positive culture in your workplace.

3 Steps

Summary of the Results

These are the thoughts that received the most stars in each question. Unlike surveys where people respond to previously determined ideas, in a Thoughtexchange all thoughts are contributed by participants independently and valued by other participants in the process.

Click on any question to see a few of the top responses.

What are some things that characterize a positive workplace culture?

What practices have you experienced (or heard of) that have improved workplace culture?

What are some things that continue to prevent your workplace from achieving a positive workplace culture?

What would you like to learn about as a leader interested in improving workplace cultures?

Thoughtexchange Interest Analysis

In this Thoughtexchange we examined the patterns of how people put stars on thoughts. Groups of thoughts starred by most people are common interest thoughts. Groups of thoughts starred by only small groups of people are special interest thoughts. 

common interest thoughts
common interest thoughts

Common Interests

Special Interests

Deborah’s upcoming book combines cutting-edge research and interviews with thought leaders, along with the thoughts and priorities emerging from this Thoughtexchange. She discusses the state of organizational health, overall, and how many companies still focus on policies and programs, at the expense of culture. She encourages organizations and leaders to keep culture at the center of decision-making and supports you with actionable practices to shift culture in a positive direction.

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