Education Leadership

Top insights from a nationwide conversation among district leaders 

For this leadership Thoughtexchange, we first hosted an online process in which nearly 150 superintendents gave and considered input on some key challenges.

Then we conducted a live event with over 70 superintendents to explore how to help people want to become better.

Please take a few minutes to learn from your peers, and thank you to all the superintendents who took part.

3 Steps


Everyone shares their thoughts and ideas by answering open-ended questions


Everyone sees each other’s thoughts and adds stars to the ideas they think are important


Results are shared and everyone learns what was important to the group

Online Process

In the first, online process, superintendents across North America were asked to consider and share perspectives and priorities on the following questions.

Click on any question to see a few of the top responses.

What are some things you would like to better understand in order to excel as an education leader?

Many states are mandating increased community engagement and finding new ways to evaluate success. What are your thoughts about the impact of this?

Schools often have large populations of families that are challenging to communicate with for a variety of reasons. What new and successful strategies have you used (or heard of) to communicate with these community members?

What are some excellent resources you recommend to other education leaders and why are these resources important?

Cohort Analysis

A cohort analysis groups people by how they put stars on thoughts.

Some thoughts are valued by most people. These show common interests.

Other thoughts resonate strongly with smaller groups, and these indicate special interests.

Click below to see some of the top common and special interests of the superintendents who participated in this leadership process.

Common Interests

Special Interests

Education Leadership

Live Event: The Group Insight Game

For the recent gathering of superintendents at the NCERT conference in Pasadena, CA, we wanted to explore one of the most highly valued common interests surfaced in the online process:

Getting people to want to become better. In today's ever changing world of education, it is more important than ever to push to become better at what we do. Continuing to do what we have in the past isn't sufficient. Getting better is hard work and can require people to be in a place where they are not comfortable.

In live settings we often use a version of a Thoughtexchange process, called the Group Insight Game. The game explores a single question. We asked:

What is one thing that you have done to get people to want people to become a better leader?

Click below to see the most highly valued responses to this question. In this game, a “perfect” score is 25.

Top Thoughts

About Thoughtexchange

Thoughtexchange is an online Group Insight Platform that leverages the principles of crowd-sourcing, interest-based negotiation and experiential education to engage tens of thousands of people from diverse backgrounds in a single coherent, civil conversation.

We surface deep insights for decision leaders and, more importantly, also for the participants.

We do this by enabling the people affected by decisions to share their thoughts, consider and value on the perspectives of others, and learn from the entire group.

We are unique in creating robust data and detailed analysis from two or three simple, open-ended questions.

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