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For this leadership Thoughtexchange, we hosted an online process as part of the National School Public Relations Association seminar. NSPRA members joined the conversation to discuss innovative communications strategies, success stories, and ideas for future learning and professional development.

Hosting this kind of two-way, engaging conversation surfaces issues and concerns. It also generates a wealth of content: bite-sized snap shots showcasing the best aspects of your district. Stories for the community by the community.

Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation! 

Uncover Tactics

​The NSPRA community is packed with people who have dedicated their careers to school communications. Through a Thoughtexchange conversation, this community of professionals not only generates questions, but also the solutions. Read below to uncover the real-life solutions shared by participants.

How do we showcase the good news after a bad news story?

How can I get others to consistently create content for sharing?

What are some ideas for using and promoting video in the district?

What are the best strategies to reach people who aren't digitally connected?

Reveal Personas

A Thoughtexchange conversation is not just open-ended thoughts. The process opens with a set of demographic questions that help characterize the community and the questions. For the NSPRA conversation, we were curious about which communication questions resonated for large districts versus small districts. The thoughts below help characterize the needs of communications professionals and, in doing so, develop specific personas rather than relying on stereotyping and guessing.

Click here to learn about the communication interests of larger districts. 

Click here to learn about the communication interests of smaller districts.

What questions would you ask to further develop your understanding of your community?

Discover Challenges

In the fast-paced world of communications, new challenges come up every day. A Thoughtexchange helps uncover unanswered questions that can then inspire professional development sessions. Learning topics are driven by the learners.

Mastering new tools for delivering information

Measurement & KPI's: Help me make sense of it all!

Support diverse communities effectively from staff to the community

Crowdsource Insights

Analytic tools show connections, however, they don't replace the ability of the human eye to explore thoughts, and find those insights that are most relevant to your District story. In this way, a Thoughtexchange is a content generating machine. Exploration drives further exploration and connects leaders to the values and stories of the community. What can you learn about the NSPRA community from this conversation?

Click here to explore the NSPRA web report.

About Thoughtexchange

Thoughtexchange provides group insight software and services that allow communities to have meaningful and productive online conversations. This simple, open ended process ensures everyone can contribute, everyone learns from one another and important ideas emerge.

We surface deep insights for decision leaders and, more importantly, for the participants.

We do this by enabling the people affected by decisions to share their thoughts, consider and value the perspectives of others, and learn from the entire group.

We are unique in creating robust data and detailed analysis from two or three simple, open-ended questions.

The 3 Steps

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